Razzcraft Presentation


When the garments feel right, fashion becomes a tool for calibrating our inner experience to the outer world. As individuals, we want our garments to feel comfortable, the right size, shape and texture, moulding our bodies in just the right way whilst allowing the skin to breathe. If it feels and looks right, then it must be right, right? So, how do we acquire this self-knowledge through engaging with fabrics, shapes, trends, historical periods? Informed by my experience in fashion, advertising and education, I arrived at the current state of research – a game called Identifind Yourself. It’s meant to engage students with the history of the costume through K.G. Jung’s 4 male and female archetypes, while investigating their own interpretation of their past, present and future. Through understanding the old codes, they develop new ones and form a cohesive discourse by the time they graduate. In this silhouette quest, Napoleon becomes a hipster and Venus an androgynus. Currently, I’m workshopping the game in order to advance its interactivity. Eventually, I hope to create a participatory digital platform.

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